Gangnam Avenue – Korean Wine Design

The last project I worked on in college might just be my favorite one. We were tasked with creating any product at all and creating the branding for it. A lot of my peers had done beverage designs at some point the last four years but I never did. It was definitely something I wanted to add to my portfolio. However I wanted to do something aside from the typical beer or hard cider a lot of my classmates had done. This is where the idea for Gangnam Avenue wine came from. When you go to an Asian themed restaurant and see their liquor sections you usually see the same kinds of branding. Usuaully a papyrus paper kind of background with a bamboo shoot on it or something to that equivalent. This is great for representing rural Asia but most people forgot that some countries in Asia are the technological epicenters of our world. This is extremely underrepresented in these designs. The name Gangnam Avenue comes from a district in Seoul, South Korea which is a city filled with wealthy people. To represent the city theme I made a very sleek black and white bottle design with a logo that combines the South Korean national flower, the hibiscus, with the first korean letter the word 강남구 (Gangnam) to form the G representing the English version of the word Gangnam. The best part however was actually taking the label and bottle designs and placing them on a real wine bottle. The image your seeing is of an actual wine bottle and bag with the branding on it. This project for me personally was very engaging and I had a lot of fun coming up with the designs and putting it all together into a tangible product.

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