Hello everyone! My name is Shawn Pimentel and I’m a graphic designer from Massachusetts.

As a child my dream was to make video games. I found my way into a programming and web development course in high school in order to pursue that dream, however programming turned out to be no fun at all. The web development portion however stuck with me and was very enjoyable. I decided to pursue the skill of web design and see how well I could hone it. While I had a good base in the technological aspect of web design I lacked in the design aspect. This led me to pursuing a degree in Graphic Design & Digital Media at Johnson & Wales University. Four years later and here I am!

After looking for some careers in the area I realized that the design industry isn’t really what it was all cracked up to be. Very rigid and seemed to not have much or any of the freedom I had experienced during my years at university. It was during this time I was looking at what to do with my career path. I ended up back in my old high school classroom assisting my web design teacher as his aide for a while when it finally hit me what my dream job is. I’d like to be a vocational instructor! I had always toyed with the idea of potentially being a teacher but never put much thought into it beyond that. After working in my old classroom however all that changed. Imparting the design knowledge I had learned at college onto the children who had the same issues I did in high school (a lack of design knowledge) was one of the most rewarding experiences I’ve had in my life up to this point. It was then that I decided to pursue a career in education.

As of 2020 I am currently employed at a vocational school and teaching Web Development! That’s not to say I’m against some freelance work though, which is the main purpose of my portfolio site here. Thank you for viewing my portfolio!